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Power Group

Conferences & Workshops

  • Evaluation of conferences related to power engineering from the perspective of development and improvement of power engineering
  • Cooperation with conferences committee to primary evaluation of applicant conferences of using logo and indexing
  • Preparation the list of reviewers and advising it to the scientific committee of conferences
  • Communication with members in order to groups news notifications

Power Group Sponsored Conferences

SGC2017 ( Smart Grids Conference)

EPDC2017 (22nd Electrical Power Distribution Conference)

PEDSTC 2016 (7th Power Electronics, Drive Systems & Technologies Conference)

SGC2015 ( Smart Grid Conference )

CTPP 2016 (6th Conference on Thermal Power Plants (Gas, Combined-Cycle, Steam) )

PSC 2015 (The 30th Power System Conference)

EPDC 2015 (20th Electric Power Distribution Conferenc)

EPDC 2014 (Electric Power Distribution Network Conference)

ICEIA2015 (the 3rd International Congress on Electric Industry Automation)

PEDSTC 2015 (6th Power Electronics, Drive Systems & Technologies Conference)