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  • Improving the quality of conferences
  • Improving the quality of peer-review in conferences
  • Qualitative assessment of conferences
  • Cooperation in organizing conferences in the field of communication systems and information theory

Upcoming Conferences

Previous Conferences

IWCIT2022 (10th Iran Workshop on Communication and Information Theory (IWCIT))

MMWATT2022 (6th International Conference on Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Technologies (MMWaTT))

ICEE2022 (30th International Conference on Electrical Engineering)

WASOWC 2022 (The 4th International Symposium on Optical Wireless Telecommunications and Millimeter Wave of the West)

IMTEC 2021 (17th Iran Media Technology Exhibition & Conference)

ICELET 2021 (The 8th International and the 14th National Conference on e-Learning and e-Teaching)

WASOWC2020 (The 3rd West Asian Symposium on Optical and Millimeter-wave Wireless Communications)

IWCIT 2020 (8-th Iran Workshop on Communication and Information Theory)

IST2018 (International Symposium on Telecommunications )

IST 2016 (International Symposium Telecommunication )