Work in Progresss

Conferences & Workshops

Electronics Related Conferences:
   The second Iranian Conference on Microelectroincs
Scientific Webinars :
Title: “Next-Generation Enabling Technologies for Diagnosing Disease and Monitoring Therapy”
  Saturday, Feb. 27 2021 (9 Esfand 1399)
Title: “3D Stacking Technology”
  Saturday, Apr. 10 2021 (21 Farvardin 1400)
Title: “Quantum simulation in NISQ era”
  Wednesday, Apr. 21 2021 (8 Ordibehesht 1400)

OEEEC 2023 (The 5th International Conference on Optimizing Electrical Energy Consumption)

ITC2021 (8th International Transformer Conference (ITC2021))

PEDSTC 2020 (The Power Electronics, Drive Systems, and Technologies Conference)

PEDSTC2020 (11th Power Electronics, Drive Systems and Technologies Conference)

IPAPS2021 (15th International Conference on Protection and Automation of Power Systems)

PEDSTC2019 (10th Annual International Power Electronics, Drive Systems, and Technologies Conference)

SGC2017 ( Smart Grids Conference)

EPDC2017 (22nd Electrical Power Distribution Conference)

PEDSTC 2016 (7th Power Electronics, Drive Systems & Technologies Conference)

SGC2015 ( Smart Grid Conference )