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Power Chapter

Conferences & Workshops

  • Evaluation of conferences related to power engineering from the perspective of development and improvement of power engineering
  • Cooperation with conferences committee to primary evaluation of applicant conferences of using logo and indexing
  • Preparation the list of reviewers and advising it to the scientific committee of conferences
  • Communication with members in order to groups news notifications

Power Group Sponsored Conferences

PEDSTC2019 (10th Annual International Power Electronics, Drive Systems, and Technologies Conference)

SGC2017 ( Smart Grids Conference)

EPDC2017 (22nd Electrical Power Distribution Conference)

PEDSTC 2016 (7th Power Electronics, Drive Systems & Technologies Conference)

SGC2015 ( Smart Grid Conference )

CTPP 2016 (6th Conference on Thermal Power Plants (Gas, Combined-Cycle, Steam) )

PSC 2015 (The 30th Power System Conference)

EPDC 2015 (20th Electric Power Distribution Conferenc)

EPDC 2014 (Electric Power Distribution Network Conference)

ICEIA2015 (the 3rd International Congress on Electric Industry Automation)