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In the present age, which Frank Webster calls the “information society” and Manuel Castells the “network society,” information and communication form the basis of human life. In such an era, information, in terms of production, transmission, and management, is considered as a very valuable commodity and the most important component of individual, organizational, national, and international power.

Therefore, both at the individual and organizational level, rapid and wide access to reliable, accurate, and valuable information on the one hand, and the ability to manage the process of production, distribution, and publication of information and news, on the other hand, is one of the main pillars of the decision making, scientific planning, and policy-making for  individual or institutional (organizational) activities.

This serious and difficult responsibility and mission at the organizational level of IEEE Iran Section has been entrusted to Communication Committee, to be the eyes and ears of the organization and management. Also, IEEE Iran Section, as an elite body of scientific and academic elites in the field of electri cal engineering, will benefit Communications Committee as an acting body, which should develop programs for facilitating the communication among members and also between members and our socity.

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