Work in Progresss


The Communications Committee monitors the effectiveness of member communications programs and recommends revisions for the Iran Section Board of Directors’ approval. The Committee also provides assistance to other committees as warranted to support member and external communications efforts. It works cooperatively with other organizational units, as well as with other relevant organizations or commercial producers outside of IEEE Iran section.

Specific Committee functions include but are not limited to:

  • Promote IEEE Iran Section: the organization and its activities, products and services.
  • Provide tools and capabilities for information exchange
  • Seeking periodically input from the IEEE Iran Section Board of Directors and approval on the key messages to communicate.
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive member communications program that will meet the Communications Committee’s overall objectives and support the messages developed and approved by the IEEE Iran Section.
  • Specifying, producing, and distributing periodicals and other communications tools that will meet the program objectives.
  • Providing tools to support information exchange among section leaders, volunteer units and the general membership
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the member communications program through appropriate feedback mechanisms and revising activities as necessary to better meet goals
  • Monitoring and recommending revisions to IEEE Iran Section communication policies and procedures
  • Collaborating with IEEE Iran Section committees and units and other organizations for the purpose of enhancing the communication processes
  • Serving as a catalyst, advisor and monitor for all communication activities that have a direct relationship to the missions.