Work in Progresss
Young Professional


1. Creation of a database of active GOLD members and engaging in panel discussions

2. Formation and arrangement of the of GOLD sub-committee and its members.

3. Identification of potential GOLD members and encouraging them to join the committee

4. Aid with Iran Section’s membership development objectives

5. Updating and maintenance of the GOLD webpage

6. Composure of a GOLD committee IEEE Iran Section brochure

7. Online access to presentations given by GOLD members in workshops, conferences and exhibitions.

8. Nominate GOLD members for various IEEE awards

9. Pursuit active GOLD members in the industry to participate at the annual GOLD meetings.

10. Organize an IEEE GOLD members Day annually

11. Active engagement with the Region 8 GOLD committee.

12. Promote interaction and collaboration with GOLD members in other sections.

13. Present list of Gold member awards annually