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Why Join IEEE

Benefits of IEEE Membership

Join IEEE and join the more than 400,000 members around the world. Whatever you value about your profession, IEEE has a way to nurture that value. IEEE membership helps support the IEEE mission to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.


All IEEE members receive the award-winning IEEE Spectrum magazine – and exclusive access to IEEE Spectrum Online – plus online access to IEEE Potentials magazine. IEEE members have online access to the tables of contents and expanded abstracts from more than one million IEEE documents, along with full-text searching of the entire IEEE collection. Long Island IEEE members also receive advanced email notice of “The Pulse of Long Island” newsletter. IEEE members also receive exclusive member subscriptions rates on the journals, and discounts on the purchase of conference proceedings, standards, and books.


No matter where you live, IEEE is there, with more than 300 local IEEE sections (such as the Long Island section), 1,300 technical chapters, and 300 annual IEEE conferences worldwide. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to attend your local section or chapter meetings, volunteer for leadership positions, or attend a conference to meet industry leaders and practitioners, encounter the latest research, and present your papers to an international audience.


IEEE career and employment resources offer great opportunities for IEEE members. Whether you are a job seeker, consultant or entrepreneur, the IEEE Job Site, Consultants Database, and career publications offer you the edge you need to succeed. IEEE also offers technical and professional online courses from the top universities and corporate educational institutions at exclusive discounts for IEEE members.

You make a difference when you join IEEE.

IEEE members can access information on local events and activities by signing in to myIEEE, the members’ personalized gateway to IEEE membership. In addition, members can also:

  • access individual Society memberships and subscriptions;
  • connect with local IEEE Sections and volunteer leadership;
  • find upcoming conferences;
  • learn more about individual benefits;
  • read the latest news from IEEE, IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Standards News, and The Institute.

IEEE membership helps support the IEEE mission of promoting the engineering profession for the benefit of humanity and the profession. Membership also enables affordable student membership, funds university program accreditation and helps introduce technology careers to young people around the world.

IEEE Membership Benefits, Prepared by IEEE Iran Section Membership Development Committee (In Persian)

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