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All committee chairs are invited to send their news from their committee activities regarding the timetable provided in the newsletter page.

The upcoming deadline would be December, 10 2022 for the Fall version of the newsletter.

File formats and submission

  • Send your articles to the committee by email, ensuring that you write your affiliation in the subject line, such as ” Student Activities Committee ” or ” Tehran University Student Branch”.
  • Articles should be attached to your email as a plain text file or in Microsoft Word format.
  • An ideal report should be between 150 and 250 words. That’s not very long – in most cases that’s only six or seven sentences! Here are some tips on how to keep your reports concise:
  • Always begin the article with your biggest news
    • Concentrate on your most successful recent events only
    • Include dates, locations and numbers of attendees
    • State the name of your Section / Chapter / Branch / conference clearly
    • Don’t waste words on non-essential detail (such as describing the menu for a dinner event)
    • Avoid long lists of ‘thank you’s

In other words, just try to stick to key facts, and avoid exposition.  Remember, you only have a limited word count, so make the most of it.

  • Feel free to send in digital photos with your articles: we will make room for them in the newsletter wherever we can. Please write a caption for each picture you submit so that we know who or what it shows.
    • Images captured by digital cameras rated as 3 megapixels or higher should be fine.
    • Use the highest resolution and lowest compression settings on your camera.
    • Low-quality photos such as those captured by most mobile phones do not reproduce well in print, so we may not be able to use them. For the same reason, we can’t make use of low-resolution images taken from websites.
    • Digital photos should be supplied in JPG (or JPEG) format, and sent by email along with your articles.

News submission guidelines

Guideline for Student BranchesDownload
Guideline for Executive CommitteesDownload