Work in Progresss


As part of its role, Professional Activities Sub-Committee aims at reaching out to members and achieving the aforementioned goals by taking the following actions.

  • Organizing workshops
  • Funding attendance of speaker(s) in events organized by another IEEE Section
  • Representing IEEE and its members at national/international levels
  • Facilitating availability of PA-related resources through webinars, websites, etc
  • Publicizing PA products and services through written material
  • Attending PA-related IEEE Activities
  • Leveraging production of PA-related materials (offline webinars, etc)


Workshop List

  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Body Language
  • Conference Management
  • Software Productivity
  • Project Management with Open Source Tools
  • Engineering / Innovation Management
  • Technology and Business
  • Conducting Research for Industry
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem / Risk Management
  • Influencing People
  • Interviewing
  • CV Writing
  • Effective Job Search
  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • Standards
  • Presentation Skills