Work in Progresss
Women in Engineering (WIE)

Two year plan

Our two years plan is:


  • Expanding WIE network through collaboration with similar scientific & industrial groups & associations such as: Association of Women Entrepreneurs,… in order to hold workshops, internships, etc.


  • Expanding WIE network representatives in various universities, research institutes & industries among academics and student branches as well as professional engineers.



  • Participating actively in national conferences and workshops to promote networking among WIE members and to introduce WIE objectives, and also to hold empowering workshops and side meetings by inviting scholars and experts from academic, industry and research institutes.


  • Expanding international communications to interact and collaborate with other WIE committees worldwide, especially in Region8, to exchange experiences and introduce potential Iranian women experts and academics in related international events and competitions.



  • Identifying and disseminating the information related to the WIE members’ achievements via the website of IEEE Iranian branch and Region8 Newsletter.


  • Indicating the methodology of executing WIE’s objectives in universities by defining and classifying the essential activities, such as:

Launching academic/ technical/ job advisors among researchers, engineers, scientists, industry experts, academics and senior students to mentor young students.


  • Interacting and collaborating with other Iran Section IEEE Committees.


  • Setting up the WIE membership site and providing WIE members database to facilitate future interactions with them.



  • Examining how to promote the effective and competent presence of women in the area of technology and engineering science, especially in Electrical & Computer Engineering.