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EPD-C 2022

  • In 1989, during the 4th Power System Conference (PSC), the idea of ​​holding an independent conference on electric power distribution networks was brought to life by the late Dr. Ghodratollah Heidari and Mr. Mohammad Mallaki, the Managing Director of TAVANIR Company at that time. Dr. Heidari was in charge of the necessary planning.
  • After the approval of the conference, letters were sent to the electricity companies about location and date of the conference. In 1991, following the talks between Dr. Heydari, Mr. Hossein Lawaie and Dr. Fariborz Mowji-Mogharrar, Bandar Anzali was selected as the venue for the first conference.
  • The first conference was happily welcomed by experts and officials of electricity companies. The attendance of about 800 people at the conference encouraged the executive officials to bring the second conference with the beneficial experience of the first one. The second to the fifth conferences were held with a coherent program in the provinces of Isfahan, Fars, Hormozgan and Khorasan. The Sixth one was held in Babolsar, Mazandaran province, in May, 1996.
  • From 1997 to 2001, the conference was suspended, but fortunately, after 5 years of interruption, the seventh conference, with more than 1000 participants was held in May 2002 in Power Research Center and after that, the conference has been held with a coherent program every year.

Full Name: 26th Power Distribution Conference

Dates: 11-12 May 2022

Location: Tehran, Iran

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