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IEANC 2015

Iran Energy Association Second International Conference will be held with the following objectives in December 2015:
  • Providing the perfect platform for the exchange of thoughts and ideas of researchers,professors,managers,experts in the field of energy
  • Providing research achievements related to energy issues to the scientific community
  • Increasing active cooperation of universities and research centers in the field of energy
  • Introducing the new technologies in the field of energy
  • Making attention and support to the authorities and policymakers on issues of energy,especially renewable energy
  • Being familiar with the latest achievements in the field of energy in the world
  • Creating alignment and coordination between researchers and authorities in the field of energy
  • Helping to raise the awareness of the public on the efficient use of energy
  • Considering the necessity of preserving the environment and sustainable development
  • Helping to create the culture of the energy management and economy
  • Identifying obstacles and problems and find solutions in the field of the energy
  • Encouraging the private sector to invest in the field of energy

Full Name: Second international conference of IEA

Dates: December 1, 2015

Location: Tehran, Iran

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