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Protection in Power Systems

  • Protection of Smart Grid Networks
  • Application of Internet of Things and Intelligence Artificial Concepts in Power System Protection
  • System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)
  • Special and Single Phase Protection Systems
  • Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control of Power Systems
  • Modern Power System Protection Schemes and Automation Algorithms
  • Cyber Security in Protection Systems
  • Power System Protection Customization
  • Fault Location in Transmission and Distribution Networks
  • Protection Systems Maintenance and Operation
  • Software and Hardware Systems in Protection Systems
  • Grounding and Protection Systems
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility in Protection Systems
  • Impacts of Distributed Generations on Power System Protection
  • Application of New Communication Schemes in Power System Protection
  • Design of Fault Current Limiter and its Impacts on System Protection
  • Modelling the Power System Elements in Transient State Associated with System Protection Issue 
  • Arc Flash in Electrical Equipment and Methods of Reducing its Incidents
  • Over Voltage Protection in Power System 
  • Impacts of Grounding in Design of Protection System
  • Protection in HVDC Grid
  • Centralized Protection and Selective Protection in Substations
  • Dynamic Protection using Phasor Measurement Units
  • Power System Protection and Resilience under Natural Disasters and Crisis
  • Digital Design in Modern Protection System
  • Protection in Inverter-based Power Systems 
  • Impacts of Harmonic on Power System Protection
  • Automated Protection Systems 

Automation in Power Systems

  • Automation in Power Plants and Substations
  • Automation in Transmission and Distribution Networks
  • Power System Automation in Industrial
  • Communication Infrastructure in Crisis Management of  Automated Systems
  • Automation in Protection and Control Systems
  • Reliability and Security in Automation of Power Systems
  • Automation Systems Maintenance and Operation
  • Software and Hardware Systems in Automation
  • Power System Automation Customization
  • Operation Improvement by Distribution Network Automation
  •  Smart Sensors and Advance Metering Infrastructures
  • Automation in Office Information and Industrial Information Systems
  •   Separation Techniques of Information Technology and Operational Technology
  • Managing Risks and Keeping Safe in Operational Technology 
  • Data Mining under the Automated Environmen
  • Automation Impacts on Improvement of Power Quality and Losses
  • Function of Distribution Management System in Distribution Control Center
  • Function of Energy Management System in Transmission Control Center

Full Name: The 16th International Conference on Protection and Automation in Power Systems

Dates: 19 January 2022

Location: Zahedan, Iran

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