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Graduate University of Advanced Technology is honored to host the 12 th Smart Grid Conference (SGC 2022) in cooperation of the IranianSociety of Smart Grid (ISOSG). This conference will be held on 13-15 December 2022. The SGC 2022 is programmed with the aim of extending the technical knowledge to provide a forum for exchanging technical and scientific findings, presenting the latest researchresults, and encouraging the participation of researchers.
The organizing committee invites all scientists, researchers, experts and enthusiasts in all areas of Smart Grids to submit their most recent scientific achievements with regard to the contexts of conference topics. Papers should be sent via the conference website to thesecretariat of SGC 2022.
During conference, the workshops and tutorials, exhibitions, panel discussions, industrial and scientific competitions and challenges will be held by intellectuals and experts in academia, industry and related organizations.

Conference Topics:

Energy storage
Smart home and building
Smart city and internet of things
Reliability and resilience in smart grids
Physical and cyber security of smart grids
Planning and operation of electrical microgrids
intelligent measurement infrastructure and load response
Automation and energy management systems in smart grids
Renewable energy sources, distributed generation and energy hubs
Transport and electric vehicles and their connection to the network
Application of electronic power convertors in microgrids and smart grids
Culture, legislation and development of standards and regulations of smart networks
telecommunication systems, information technology and data mining in smart networks
The role of smart grids in error management (protection, emergency response and system recovery infrastructure)

Full Name: 12th Smart Grid Conference

Dates: 13-15 December 2022

Location: Kerman, Iran

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