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The 8th International and the 14th National Conference on e-Learning and e-Teaching

Ceaseless learning and expanding knowledge are fundamental principles in a Knowledge-oriented society. Development of societies increases people’s need of education from one side and on the other hand, and concurrent with information technology pervasiveness and penetration of telecommunications into the depth of society, educational methods and tools has changed. This change is toward the way in which every person can learn in every place and each time. Moreover the covid-19 crisis shows that the current concept and method of education needs to review and information technology and specially the internet should be used more in education. Thus traditional system of learning and education is experiencing fundamental changes and old style educating methods are not accountable about educational needs of learners in current situation…

Conference Objectives

. Recognition of problems and challenges, and effectiveness solutions for e-learning system

. Thinking of quality promotion of e-learning system

. Presenting latest scientific and researching achievements in the e-learning system

. Exchanging lived academic experiences about performing e-learning among covid-19 pandemic

. Presenting successful experiences in implementation of e-learning system

In order to reach above objects, besides paper acceptance and presentation, workshops, virtual specialized exhibitions, and key lectures and specialized panels are considered in the conference agenda. Though, all experts and researchers are invited to send their latest achievements to benefit enthusiasts.

Dates: March 3-4, 2021

Location: Tehran, Iran

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