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The WIE meeting with the Deputy President for women affairs

On 29th September, Prof. Nasiri-Kenari and Prof. Kasaei, the Chair and the Senior Member of WIE Iran section, respectively, met with Ms. Molaverdi, Iran’s Deputy President for Women’s Affairs. Ms. Kefayati, the Head of Women’s Affairs Office in the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology, who organized the meeting, was also present. The meeting started in a friendly atmosphere with the introduction of the WIE’s mission and its short term plans and objectives by the WIE representatives. The two parties then discussed ways in which the Women’s Affairs Office can support the WIE in achieving its objectives. As a result, a number of strategic decisions were made and the meeting concluded in an atmosphere of mutual comprehension. The WIE highly appreciates Dr. Mollavardi’s support and her efforts in furthering the aims of WIE.



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