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In 1983, the Lance Stafford Larson award was established by the Larson family in memorial for their son, who died in an electrical accident while an undergraduate at the University of Maryland. The Larson family, which includes IEEE Past President Robert Larson, created this award to encourage students to develop excellence in their communication skills and to motivate students toward achievement in the field of Computer Science. One award of $500 is given each year to the first place winner. First, second, and third place winners also receive a certificate of commendation and a writing implement.

Who is Eligible?

All undergraduate students who are IEEE Computer Society members may compete.


This award is presented for the best student paper. Only papers concerning computer related subjects of no more than twenty pages are eligible. Papers will be judged on technical content, writing skill, and overall presentation. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

Computer Society Lance Stafford Larson Award Application

Include with the following information one PDF version of your paper for competition.

  1. Full Name
  2. Computer Society Member Number (only Computer Society members are eligible)
  3. Current telephone number and email (if available)
  4. Permanent mailing address
  5. Name and address of academic institution
  6. Title of paper
  7. Brief statement of why you believe your paper is worthy of this award
  8. Include the following signed and dated statement at the bottom of your application:

I am the sole author of the paper being submitted, and all information provided above is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge (signature and date required).

  1. Complete the application questions below and submit it, along with a PDF file of your entry to: Eric Berkowitz (, Membership Director, IEEE Computer Society.

IEEE students can add Computer Society to their IEEE Membership for as low as $8.00 (Full-Year) or $4 (Half-Year).

Submission due: October 31, 2016

Lance Stafford Larson

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