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The 15th Counselors and Executive Committee of IEEE Iran Section Meeting Report

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The 15th Counselors and Executive Committee of IEEE Iran Section Meeting Report

  1. Dr. Hadi Moradi (Chair, IEEE Iran Section) talked about different parts of Newsletter, different awards and contests, and some of former winners of the awards. He also remarked about sister-branch cooperation with some Turkey section branches as soon as possible.

Dr. Moradi emphasized on the importance of “Membership Development Committee” and told that each of the branches must have a volunteer for helping the main Membership Development Committee.


  • Appreciation of Dr. Yousefi (Counselor, Islamic Azad University of Najaf Abad) for the “Best Branch Award”. He told that the cooperation between all the active members and the counselor was the best factor for the success of the branch.

He also added: distinguishing different responsibilities is not so important and cooperation is the most valuable element of a teamwork.


  • A detailed explanation on “Parto Magazine”. The magazine contains practical and industrial information and instructions about Engineering.

It also enhances the practical knowledge of different schools, departments and engineering societies all over the Iran.

The main parts of this magazine are:

  1. Interdisciplinary Articles,
  2. Technical Articles,
  3. Technical Reports,
  4. Videos and Podcasts,
  5. News.



Those who are interested in Writing Articles, Making Podcasts, and Designing, can reach “”


  • Mr. Seyed Mohammad Naziri gave a presentation about the contest of “Recycling Engineering Competition” which have been held by Shahreza Higher Education Center.

The slogan of the competition were:

Change your mind, Change your life, and change your business

Mr. Naziri explained about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling which are the most 3 important parts of the idea.


  • Mr. Chamanian (Manager, Nian Electronic Group) had a presentation about Creativity and Positive Thinking.

He demonstrated that the Invention causes Incubation which leads to Commercialization. He also proved the most important abilities a manager or an engineer must have are:

  1. Complex Problem Solving,
  2. People Management,
  3. Coordinating with others,
  4. Critical Thinking,
  5. Negotiation,
  6. Quantity Control,
  7. Service Orientation,
  8. Judgment and Decision Making,
  9. Active Listening,
  10. Creativity,
  11. Cognitive Flexibility.


  • For the last part of the meeting Mr. Amin Rabanian (Education Department Manager, DMOND Innovation Group) presented:

“Who is an Entrepreneur?”

He also instructed useful tactics about:

How to be successful in a Start-Up,

Airb&b, Booking Villa and other similar titles which can be useful.

Teamwork and its Importance.

The different between an “Accelerator” and an “Incubator”.


*********** Reporter: Amir Pouya Kargarzadeh (Shahreza Higher Education Center) **********

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