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Wireless sensor networks workshop

کارگاه-شیراز---en(A practical training session working with sunspot wireless sensor devices)
Presenter: Dr Mona Ghassemian
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran
Organised in collaboration with IEEE Iran section education activity committee.
The workshop key topics are as followings:
– skill sets requires to start a project in the area of machine-to-machine communication, Internet of things, and wireless sensor networks,
– theory. Protocols and fundamentals of wireless sensor networks from hardware level, and communications layer to  application level,
– challenges, applications and real life projects in wireless sensor networking domain,
– required programming skills and sample code execution on sunspot sensors,
– data collection and aggregation techniques in ambient sensing applications.
Attendees are required to bring their own laptops.  Software and hardware required for the workshop will be provided to the workshop attendees during the day.
For further information about this workshop and the past events, please visit and contact eSense research group:

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