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Standards Development Committee

The Standards Development Committee in IEEE-Iran section has been established to train and promote the more than 1300 IEEE standards and develop related national standards as well as to participate in revise and improvement process of IEEE standards. This objective will be achieved through meetings, seminars, lectures and workshops in various related industries. Moreover, this committee attempts to create affiliations between researchers in Universities and industries in order to establish a framework for cooperation between different societies and organizations to development of application of IEEE standards.


  • Due to the scope of activity in the field of production and promotion of IEEE standards, which includes all specialized fields of electrical and computer engineering and even some branches of physics, it is necessary to take advantage of the scientific potential of all specialized departments in IEEE Iran. For this purpose, the structure of the committee is shown in following figure. As shown in this structure, every chapters in IEEE-Iran section including of Power, Control, Telecommunications and Information Theory, Photonics and Electromagnetism and Computer have a representative in the IEEE-Iran Section Standard developments committee. Also this structure can be extended by new further chapters.

In this structure, the IEEE Standards Development Council of the Iranian branch is composed of representatives of specialized departments, with the responsibility of chairing the Standards Development Committee. The members of this council will be the liaison of the standards development committee or IEEE specialized groups of Iran branch


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