Work in Progresss

Communications and Information Theory Chapter

The Communications and Information Theory group of IEEE Iran Section was formed on Nov. 27, 2013, to advance the quality of research and education in its subject areas in Iran. Its managing committee members are Prof. A. Sharafat (Chair), Prof. A. Gohari (Secretary), Prof. M. Ahmadian Attari, Prof. A. Mohammadi, Prof. M. E. Kalantari, Prof. Behrouz Maham, Prof. Mohsen Ashourian, and Prof. Ghosheh Abed Hodtani.

The group’s activity area includes Communications Theory, Vehicular Technology, Information Theory, Wireless Networks, and Information Security Systems. The mission and vision of the group mirrors that of the IEEE to promote research and education in the aforementioned subjects.

Our main activities so far include preparing the procedures for selecting distinguished speakers, organizing society’s monthly talks, a conference evaluation form. We also plan to organize workshops to address industrial needs (such as writing applications for smart phones), and support and promote conferences on hot topics such as 5G.

The group consists of several committees. The student committee, for example, aims to improve interaction among students studying communication and information theory across different universities in Iran. And the public relations committee aims to expand the number of members of the group and provide a platform for efficient announcement of news and programs.

An overview of goals an​d​ strategies of the group ​in persian ​is given Here.