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Technical Chapters

Technical Chapters Committee

What is IEEE Technical Chapters (TC)?

According to IEEE, a Chapter is a technical sub-unit of a Region, one or more IEEE Sections, or a Geographic Council.  There may be single Society Chapters, joint Society Chapters, and Technical Council Chapters.

Chapters are formed to serve IEEE members by holding meetings at the local level.  Chapters provide Society members with valuable opportunities to network at a local level, enabling their personal and professional growth.  Chapter activities may include guest speakers, workshops, and seminars as well as social functions.

Chapters are established by petition to the parent geographical and technical organizational units concerned to fulfill the mission of IEEE.  Chapters have a minimum of twelve IEEE voting members of a Society, or group of Societies in the case of a joint Chapter.

For further information, please visit IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Operations Manual.

Mission of the Chapters Committee of the IEEE Iran Section:

Improving the quality of higher education and real-world research in electrical and computer engineering across the country by enabling personal and professional growth of the members.

Vision of the Chapters Committee of the IEEE Iran Section:

Forming a network of Iranian professionals in electrical and computer engineering capable of providing the services required for further development of the country.

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