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Avoiding Publishing Misconduct

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Avoiding Publishing Misconduct

By: Antony VenGraitis

15 July 2020, 3:30 pm Iran Standard Time
Wed. 25 Tir 1399


The presentation and discussion, Avoiding Publishing Misconduct,” will be for authors who are planning to submit their work to scholarly journals, conference proceedings, standards, books, etc., and who wish to avoid having their work delayed during the editorial process due to questions as to its originality and authenticity.  In other words, all authors submitting their work to IEEE are expected to accept the basic guidelines of honest and proper behavior, which will be discussed.

The presentation will provide directions for authors who intend to publish their work in IEEE publications (or elsewhere); from guidance on building references, to improper paraphrasing, and ultimately to avoiding being accused of committing plagiarism.  There will also be information on various ethics-related misconduct, such as citation stacking, conflicts of interest, fraudulent data, and authorship disputes.


Antony VenGraitis is a Senior IPR Specialist in the Intellectual Property Rights Office at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).  He has worked at IEEE for over 20 years, initially as a project editor with the IEEE Press, before joining the IPR Office team as the point-of-contact for IEEE editors and authors on matters related to plagiarism and ethics.  Prior to joining IEEE, Tony has worked with John Wiley and Sons, Prentice Hall, MacMillan Publishing, and others publishing companies.

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