Work in Progresss

WIE Meeting on Sep. 9, 2015 at Iran Telecom Research Center

The main agenda of this meeting, which took place in Iran Telecom research Center at the presence of the WIE’s members and consultants, was about the regulation of “Women in Engineering Award”. The objective behind the regulation has been to promote the effective and competent presence of women in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering. After some discussions, the name of the award has been approved to be “Women In Engineering Award” and the “age” limit has been excluded from the candidates’ general conditions. Also some features have been emphasized to be considered in evaluating the candidates’ applications, such as: i) Innovation in research & education, ii) Executive actives toward WIE Committee’s objectives, iii) Continuity in research, education, innovation, and entrepreneurship activities.

Since the general template of IEEE awards regulation is to be prepared by Awards & Recognition Committee, under Organization Board supervision, the details of the regulation are postponed until the general template is prepared and approved.

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