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The Expansion Organization And modernization of the Iranian Industries (IDRO)

In line with the demands of the Supreme Leader, the Government’s program and the honorable Minister’s remarks to pay more attention to the issue of building the internal components of the country’s industries in order to internalize them and move towards self-sufficiency and to provide the needs for building industrial and mineral units in The year of the production boom for introducing to artisans, investors, knowledge-based companies and powerful universities of the country, is considering the first exhibition of domestic manufacturing and manufacturing prosperity from July 27 to 30 at the Permanent Exhibition of International Exhibitions of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Expansion Organization And modernization of the Iranian Industries (IDRO) . Considering that the exhibition for industrial groups ofautomobiles and parts , mining , home appliances , marine industriesAndtelecommunications will be a great opportunity to present the results and achievements of research and development, innovation and efforts of managers and experts of manufacturing companies in order to promote the country’s industry and also an opportunity to announce the technological needs to the scientific and academic community. Country is. On the other hand, due to the plans being made, while introducing the needs of the companies present at the exhibition, informing the needs of universities and knowledge-based companies, the necessary fields to meet the needs and solve industry problems.Therefore, all the above mentioned groups and support funds are invited to participate in the exhibition mentioned.Also, other manufacturers, owners of knowledge and technology, universities and organizations that can meet the needs of the country are invited to visit the exhibition.

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