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How to Establish a Student Branch

What is IEEE Student Branch?

IEEE Student Branches are established at over 1,400 universities and colleges throughout the world. Student Branch activities offer numerous educational, technical, and professional advantages of IEEE membership through special projects, activities, meetings, tours and field trips.

Listed below are some programs and projects that keep students interested in the Branch and its activities and their chosen profession:

  • Participation in regional conferences, leadership training workshops and develop leadership, interpersonal and team building skills;
  • Participation in awards, scholarships and project/design programs, competitions, and student paper contests
  • Establishment of a Student Branch Library with IEEE’s publications;
  • Access IEEE online services and resources;
  • Establish a website.

How to Establish a Student Branch

Requirements for the establishment of an IEEE Student Branch:

  • A petition by twenty, preferably more, IEEE Student members and at least three IEEE members above Student member & Graduate Student Member grades who are faculty members teaching in IEEE designated fields of interest must be submitted to IEEE Iran Section.
  • The petition must specify the following items:
    • Names of the educational institution involved and the names of the Interim Chairman and the faculty Counselor;
    • Website URL outlining accreditation, course curriculum and listing engineering faculty must be submitted to Student Services;
    • Information about the educational programs and degrees offered must be submitted
    • A Branch constitution must be adopted and submitted to IEEE Iran Section.
  • If the petition is in order, Student Services will take the necessary action to obtain formal approval of the petition for the Regional Director, the Regional Student Activities Committee Chairman and the Regional Activities Board. Once the Regional Director approves the request, the Branch, Section and Region officers will be notified.
  • You can join IEEE online at

Student Branch Program in IEEE view

In planning your Student Branch programs for the year, it is a crucial action to work on highly demanded events where students are highly engaged with them and can help to your Branch’s success. Ask your members about their interests are and invite them to participate in a subcommittee based on their interests. When choosing an event, you should ask several questions to evaluate the potential of that event:

  • Will this event attract new members?
  • Do we have the resources to carry it through (e.g., time, people, funding)?
  • How will it satisfy the needs of existing members?
  • Does it meet a specific need for your Branch?
  • Will you need to undertake a fundraising effort to hold this event?

Once you have decided on Branch programs for the year, you need to organize the subcommittees and ensure the commitment is there. These committees will gain valuable leadership experience. Be sure to involve as many members (and non-members) as possible in order to ensure the growth of your Branch.

The following is a list of some activities that Student Branches have undertaken in the recent years:

  • Host an annual “Welcome Back”or “End of School”event to welcome and farewell your members
  • Collaborate with other IEEE Student Branches, Young Professionals, and Women in Engineering groups
  • Schedule speakers on technical or professional subjects
  • Enter design competitions
  • Design a Student Branch website and enter the Global Student Website Competition
  • Organize field trips to industry
  • Give tutorials to non-members
  • Raise funds for charity or Student Branch projects
  • Participate in IEEE conferences
  • Publish a Student Branch newsletter
  • Participate in engineering awareness programs

For further information, please visit IEEE Student Branch Program.

Student Branch Reporting of the IEEE and IEEE Iran Section

To help you keep track of your annual activities, your Student Branch is required to submit the Student Branch Activity Report. It also serves as a valuable historical document to aid future executives in their planning and records financial statements so it is important that the Student Branch Treasurer is involved in the preparation of the report. Completing the Student Branch Activity Report should help you evaluate the success of your program and to provide some continuity for future years. All Iran Section Student Branches must submit their Annual Report as well as their Financial Balance Sheet to IEEE Iran Section and IEEE before their deadline using designated portal.

For further information, please visit IEEE Student Branch Reporting.

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