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How to Establish a Student Branch

Requirements for the establishment of an Ieee Student Branch

  1.  A petition by twenty, preferably more, IEEE Student members and at least three IEEE members above Student member grade who are faculty members teaching in IEEE designated fields of interest must be submitted to IEEE Student Services. The petition must specify the names of the educational institution involved and the names of the Interim Chairman and the faculty Counselor. Please note that completed online student membership applications and payments may be sent with the Branch petition. Join online at
  2. Website URL outlining accreditation, course curriculum and listing engineering faculty must be submitted to Student Services with the petition.
  3. Information about the educational programs and degrees offered must be submitted. A form is attached.Student Branch Petition Form 2017
  4.  A Branch constitution must be adopted and submitted to Student Services. A sample constitution is attached.
  5. If the petition is in order, Student Services will take the necessary action to obtain formal approval of the petition for the Regional Director, the Regional Student Activities Committee Chairman and the Regional Activities Board. Once the Regional Director approves the request, the Branch, Section and Region officers will be notified.