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Plagiarism Awareness

The sustainable scientific development is effective in improving the quality of human life. This would come true considering the engineering ethics and research ethics. Lack of attention to this field makes irreparable problems for the scientific development process, human life, and environment. The engineering ethics and research ethics includes the study on the ethical principles and their applications in research, engineering field, training ethical principles, presenting the ethical guidelines, and preventing the misconducts.

One of the goals of IEEE Iran section for 2015 and 2015 is to make researchers aware of engineering ethics and inform them about the possible effects and consequences of misconducts and plagiarism.

Helpful links:

  1. The talk by Dr. Khaki Sedigh on Engineering Ethics
  2. IEEE’s guide on plagiarism(Unofficial Persian translation

What is Plagiarism and How it can happen?

High quality version of above document can be accessed here.