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sciot2020 (the 4th International Conference on Smart City, Internet of Things and Applications)

NGTU2020 (The First International Conference and the Second National Conference on New Geomatics Technologies and Applications )

IWCIT 2020 (8-th Iran Workshop on Communication and Information Theory)

CADS 2020 (20th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and Digital Systems)

ICeLeT 2019 (the 7th International Conference on e-Learning and e-Teaching)

RoboCup2018 (The 9thjoint Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics and the 2ndRoboCup Asia-Pacific International Symposium )

KBEI2019 (5th Conference on Knowledge-Based Engineering and Innovation)

cfis2019 (that 7th Iranian Joint Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent Systems)

IPAPS2019 (The 13th international conference on protection and automation of power system- preceded by Power System Protection and Control Conference)

IWCIT2019 (The 7th Iran Workshop on Communication and Information Theory)